TEDx EMLYON 2013 : « New perspectives »

Les Speakers

P.M. de Holan

« Managing organizational forgetting »

Pablo Martin de Holan is Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurial Management at EMLYON Business School since 2012. Pablo first graduated from the Université de Paris Sorbonne in 1992, with a Master of Art in Sociology and another one in Social Sciences. He then joined McGill University, where he undertook a Ph.D. in Strategic Management, under the supervision of Henry Mintzberg and Nelson Philipps.

His expertise mainly relates to Strategic Management, Organisation and Entrepreneurship. Before becoming a faculty member of the EMLYON Business School, he taught at McGill University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or IE Business School, among others. Pablo also brilliantly continues his research activity on problems emerging when organizations try to implement their strategic decisions and change processes.

His papers were published in many prestigious academic journals, such as the Harvard Business Review or the Journal of Management Sciences. He even won the « Bechkard Memorial Prize » in 2004, rewarding the best paper on organizational change published by the MIT Sloan Management Review.

J.P. Lachaux

« Attention, distraction and the war in our brain »

J-P. Lachaux has been working for more than 20 years at solving the mysteries of the brain. His research focuses mainly on the dynamic interactions between distributed neural processes and complex cognitive tasks, especially visual cognition, attention, reading and memory.

Dr Lachaux works in Lyon Neuroscience Research Center and Labex CORTEX. He is the author of a book « my attentive brain : a cartoon guide to the hidden secrets of attention » and a book published in January 2013: « Le Cerveau Attentive: Contrôle, Maîtrise et Lâcher-prise », which gives the lay reader an opportunity to grasp the scientific concepts of consciousness and perception. Emphasizing the importance of the attention in one’s day-to-day existence, J-P.Lachaux explains with boldness that learning how to reach the state of full attention will save half of the time in an individual’s life.

To know more about Dr Lacharx, please click: www.myattentivebrain.com.

P. Laurent

« Become everything you can be »

Founder of PROJECT COACHING Associés, Philippe Laurent was born in Lyon in 1963. As he was 19, he decided to start a monastic life. At the same time, he studied philosophy at the St Jean School of Lyon. Fascinated by China, he left France in 1987 when he was 24 to live in Taiwan during 1 year during which he learnt mandarin.

Shortly afterwards, he was hired by the ALSTOM Transport company, went back to France to work in the industry. Nonetheless, he kept in mind his strong wish to work in China and after ten years working for ALSTOM, he was transferred there where he worked during five years developing a subway project in Shanghai. After being certified by the Dôjô coaching school from Paris, Philippe Laurent set up a coaching project dealing with happiness at work. Currently he is used to deliver lectures, to teach and to advise companies on this subject.

P. Picq

« Human evolution »

Pascal Picq is a paleoanthropologist at the College de France. After studying theoretical physics and prehistoric archaeology, he later specialised in Vertebrate and Human Paleontology. Upon completion of a PhD at Paris VI University he went on to Duke University Medical Center as an associate researcher.

His research focuses mainly on human evolution. Especially his has worked on the interaction between ethology and evolutionary anthropology. In that respect, he tries to better understand the common characteristics and differences between humans and other great apes. Furthermore, he is also famous for developing the Anthroprise concept in link with innovation and team management.

He has published numerous articles, books and been involved in several documentaries. Dr Picq has won several prices, notably the Malakoff Mederic Foundation Prize for Social Innovation.

E. Raffin

« La transition énergétique, challenge de notre génération »

Future attorney at the bar of Lyon, Edouard began to explore ideas of sustainable development and social justice while studying Law at university. His first step was to start raising awareness among the students of his campus. Later on, he became Vice President of the French student network for sustainable development (REFEDD) where he continued to explore ideas of ecological transition and worked with NGOs, ministers and students from different backgrounds.

In parallel, Edouard studied sustainable development and climate change management at the Business school of Toulouse. He has attended the 2012 Earth Summit in Rio where he strengthened his network and got deeper knowledge of international environmental issues. Edouard is now focusing on the important United Nations climate talks scheduled in Paris Le Bourget in December 2015. He strives to mobilize French youth to unite in the UN forum and spread a very large transition movement among young generations.

A. Cattoz

« Osons entreprendre différemment, yes we can ! »

Audrey CattozAudrey Cattoz is the founder of Konnexion Lunettes Solidaires (KLS), a French glasses manufacturer settled in Lyon. Before setting up her own business in 2010, she used to be a Marketing and Communication Director in the garment industry. She had also acquired a long experience as sales manager in an IT company.

The aim of KLS it to propose « 100% French and user-adjustable » glasses to its customers. Fully made in French factories, the glasses are directly delivered to the client thanks to a network of 200 women, which sell them during informal ladies meetings. This concept, inspired from Tupperware, is a way to strengthen the link with the end-user. Given that there is no other intermediary between the factory and the glass-carriers, additional costs are avoided and glasses are offered at their « fair price ».

Mother of four children, Audrey Cattoz advocates for a right balance between the professional and the personal life. That is why, women are at the center of her project. « Women often have to content themselves with precarious part-time jobs to have enough time to take care of their children » She explains.

For being fair, sustainable and innovative, KLS received in June two distinctions during the Salon des Entrepreneurs in Lyon : « Entreprise équitable et durable » and « Entreprise innovante ».

C. Destivelle

« Reaching the top »

Catherine DestivelleRock climber and Mountaineer Awarded for the best feature-length mountain film. Topic of her speech: « Reaching The Top ».

Born in Oran, Algeria, from French parents, Catherine Destivelle is a French rock climber and mountaineer. She discovered rock climbing in the Forest of Fontainebleau while she was 12. There she found what would drive her for the next few decades.

Climbing became something very important in the young teenager’s life: when she was 13, Catherine Destivelle was used to going climbing in the Southern French Alps, without her parents’ even knowing it. However, she gave up mountaineering a few years later, after becoming a physiotherapist. After a five-year break, her taste for climbing drove her to change her mind. In those days, she then won many events and became quite famous. Among her noteworthy achievements, we can note that she was the first woman to climb a highly difficult route (graded ‘8 in the French climbing system) or the first woman to give her name to a climbing route (in the French Alps, in 1991).

However, in late 1990’s, she began to reduce the number of ascents to dedicate herself instead to a new career as a lecturer and a writer. She has written more than 5 books and is portrayed in more than 10 films or documentaries.